Monday 22 January 2018

In our brave new world boys and girls are abolished by decree

Adorable little girl playing with a doll at home
Adorable little girl playing with a doll at home
David Quinn

David Quinn

At their annual conference recently in the UK, the Liberal Democrats voted in favour of a motion calling for the removal of the terms 'male' and female' from official forms. This was done out of concern for transgendered or intersex people who might otherwise feel 'discriminated' against when confronted with gender categories they believe they don't fit in to.

At some intervarsity debates here in Ireland, it is becoming commonplace for speakers to first be asked to state the pronoun by which they wish to be identified. Just because you look like a man does not mean you wish to be identified as such. Perhaps you are really a woman.

The 'New York Times' reports that a growing number of American schools have LGBTQQA clubs and when they meet, the members are asked what their 'PGP' is today. 'PGP' stands for 'preferred gender pronoun'. It might be 'Miss', 'Mr', 'Ms' or 'Mx'. 'Mx' is for those who identity neither as male nor female.

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