Monday 22 January 2018

He may be a bit of a dude, but the Pope is definitely a Catholic

Pope Francis. Reuters
Pope Francis. Reuters

IS the Pope a Catholic? For a while there a lot of people seemed to be building up the hope that actually, maybe he's not. That last guy, Benedict XVI, he definitely was Catholic and was much the worse for it.

But this new guy, Francis, he's a different story. He's a bit of a dude. He even made the cover of 'Rolling Stone' magazine a few weeks ago. 'Rolling Stone' likes him. If 'Rolling Stone' likes the Pope, then the Pope can't be really all that Catholic or they wouldn't like him by definition. That would be like expecting 'Rolling Stone' to like George W Bush. Not going to happen.

So if 'Rolling Stone' likes Pope Francis it has to be because they think he doesn't really believe what the church has always believed about things like women priests or contraception or marriage.

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