Saturday 16 December 2017

Social media revolution is a chance for small firms to slay some Goliaths


It's 8.10am and the DART is packed, standing room only, yet it is oddly silent.

Obviously people aren't at their most loquacious on a stuffed train first thing in the morning, but what is extraordinary is just how many people are on their mobile devices, reading, scrolling down, tweeting, emailing or just surfing. If you want to understand just how ubiquitous social media is, catch the train and watch your fellow passengers for a few minutes.

Last weekend I was at the brilliant Merseyside derby between Everton and Liverpool, chatting to Liverpool supporters about the 96 fans who died in Hillsborough. My own memory of the event is hazy but I do remember living in Belgium at the time and only finding out about the awful calamity at Hillsborough a few days after the event. Such a delay would never happen now.

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