Saturday 17 March 2018

How adding up the 'economics of sin' could take the edge off austerity cutbacks

DID you know there is an acute cocaine shortage in England at the moment? The scarcity is made all the more acute due to the fact that the World Cup apparently drives up cocaine consumption dramatically. According to dealers, good weather and an evening match has the Brits (who are Europe's biggest consumers of cocaine, according to the EU) gagging for cheeky lines, first when they are boozing before the game and then afterwards when they want to keep marching.

I was appraised of this cocaine shortage while reading 'Vice' – the online news site – which was valued this week at €2bn in a deal with Time Warner. An English dealer explained to how the first English match day of the World Cup would pan out for him as follows.

"The England-Italy game is a 11pm Saturday kick-off, so if it's a sunny day people will start early and I should be getting repeat sales throughout the evening into the morning – and if we win, even more for the celebrating afterwards."

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