Friday 20 April 2018

David McWilliams: We're broke but still buying rounds that we can't afford

Yer man never stands his round.
He does normally.
But he's not doing it now.
'Cause he is broke.
I don't care; a man has got to stand his round.
What are ye havin? I'm buyin'.
Good Man. I knew you'd always cough up.
Never let it be said I wasn't good for me round.
Why is it that even when a fella hasn't the arse in his trousers, he will never hide on his round?

David McWilliams

David McWilliams

We've all been there. In the bar, in a round, you know you won't have a bean when you get home but tomorrow can look after itself; you won't be seen not to pay your round. In contrast, we all know of the lad who will disappear out for a fag when his round is imminent. Such evasions are noted, especially among friends.

But, no matter how broke we are, we in Ireland will always dig deep. It is all about the shame of not having enough to pay our way, so we find the cash even when there mightn't be a sausage at home. The poorer the man, the more he pays his way.

Normally, a rich guy is much more nonchalant about not having cash on him and is not fazed by the idea that he will get you back tomorrow. But the poor lad, the one who is financially insecure, will always be the first man with his hand in his pocket. No round is too large, no double brandy too extravagant.

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