Opinion David McWilliams

Monday 11 December 2017

David McWilliams: We must reinvent Ireland or face permanent decline

Last week the BlackBerry crashed. Thousands of Irish business executives were without email for a few days. For some, this was the realisation of all their nightmares, having become dependent on their BlackBerry.

In fact a more accurate description of this relationship between BlackBerry and executive might not even be "dependent on", but possibly "defined by", their relationship with their BlackBerry.

The Great BlackBerry Crash was yet another bit of bad news for a device and a company that once ruled the corporate world. What does the experience of BlackBerry tell us about the Irish economy? Or to put it another way, what lessons can Ireland -- in a hyper competitive world where every country is competing for business, all the time, everywhere -- take from the fortunes of the BlackBerry?

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