Tuesday 16 October 2018

David McWilliams: 'Star Trek' boldly predicting return of the North in 2024 might yet come to pass

'Now with Brexit looming and the concrete and more profound underlying changes in demography, the issue of a united Ireland may be back on the table quicker than most of us imagined - or cared to dread' Photo: NASA/Jeff Schmaltz
David McWilliams

David McWilliams

Are you a real Trekkie? If so, you'll know the answer to the following question: which was the only episode of 'Star Trek' ever banned in Ireland and Britain - and why?

'Star Trek' is many things, but is it really so incendiary as to be worthy of censorship? Yes it is!

The 12th episode in the third series of 'Star Trek: The Next Generation' was banned and never shown on terrestrial television in Britain or Ireland. That's because in that episode Commander Data, musing on terrorism in the year 2364, noted that Ireland had been reunited in 2024.

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