Saturday 17 March 2018

David McWilliams: Online revolution threatens to destroy our failing universities

TODAY up and down the country thousands of young graduates are kicking about, unemployed, on Facebook and Twitter, looking for something to do. Parents have spent a fortune on their education yet many are unemployed just like their friends who dropped out or didn't bother with university. What is the point of paying for education which doesn't give graduates a leg-up in the jobs market?

Youth unemployment has enormous implications for the future of education. Education is not delivering in the traditional way and the online revolution may destroy universities and institutions, particularly if these institutions move to protect their patch rather than open up to change.

Many students speak of appalling teachers and lecturers who are incapable of communicating their subject. Clearly there are good lecturers, but too many are second rate. Until now there was no alternative to traditional education and some institutions still think they have an exclusive right to provide education because some board or other has accredited them.

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