Saturday 16 December 2017

Coveney walking a tightrope in risky bid to end housing crisis

A homeless boy begs on Dublin’s O’Connell Bridge
A homeless boy begs on Dublin’s O’Connell Bridge
David McWilliams

David McWilliams

Imagine Simon Coveney in a translucent, skin-tight leotard, high above the political swamp, walking the tight-rope between the social reforming objective of rent control and the hard commercial reality of dormant housing supply. Get the picture? This is the minister's position.

He realises that rents are out of control and that, socially, it is untenable for a person of conscience to do nothing as homelessness rises and tens of thousands are caught in a high-rent trap. However, economically he sees that rent controls or a rent freeze might hinder supply.

So what does he do?

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