Sunday 21 October 2018

Dan O'Brien: Trump's impact - one year on

The US may no longer be the indispensable nation, but Trump's bark has been worse than his bite so far, writes Dan O'Brien

Trump in Hawaii. Photo: AP
Trump in Hawaii. Photo: AP
Dan O'Brien

Dan O'Brien

This Wednesday marks the first anniversary of the greatest electoral shock in recent times. Donald Trump, a non-politician, celebrity candidate, was elected president of the most powerful country on earth. Hardly a day has passed that he has not been in the news. Last week was no exception.

But for all the coverage, how much has really changed under the current US administration?

While the individual and his utterances amount to a sea-change - for both America and the world - the hard outcomes so far are less significant than might have been expected, at least when compared to Mr Trump's rhetoric on the campaign trail.

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