Wednesday 21 March 2018

Cowen and Tsipras - different forms of ineptitude, both resulting in misery

Brian Cowen's sins of omission explain Ireland's crash. Alexis Tsipras's sins of commission are sending his country over the edge

'Brian Cowen's sins of omission explain Ireland's crash'
'Brian Cowen's sins of omission explain Ireland's crash'
Dan O'Brien

Dan O'Brien

What is the difference between Ireland and Greece? Last week gave the answer, quite beautifully, as to how the eurozone's first two countries to be bailed out differ in their respective forms of dysfunctionality.

On Wednesday, Brian Cowen, the man at the helm of the Irish economy during bubble and bust, appeared before the Banking Inquiry. His hours of testimony spoke volumes about how Ireland is poorly served by its system of government and many of those who people it.

All last week in Greece, the closure of the banking system and the holding of today's referendum say just as much about governance there.

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