Thursday 22 March 2018

Colum Kenny: Who's asking the tough questions?

It has been a media fest lately for FF, but balance overcomes bias in most political coverage, writes Colum Kenny

THE media handed it to Fianna Fail on a plate last week, and the party that wrecked Ireland gobbled it up. Across the country, on local radio, in print or on the national airwaves, FF backbenchers and once unknown candidates got airtime that they couldn't buy. And FF used it to distance itself from its own organisation. It wasn't me, your honour.

On Prime Time last Wednesday, Micheal Martin looked like he was getting a Leader's Debate all to himself. And, while Richard Crowley asked Martin some hard questions, it was ultimately a case of that old adage that there is no such thing as bad publicity. Martin is already seeking to parade his saintly image as much as possible on television during the election. Brand new FF, with the emphasis on brand.

Not that FF will be thanking the media for any bounce that the party now gets in the polls. Those in power seldom complain that the media is too fair when they are gifted free publicity by journalists.

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