Thursday 18 January 2018

Colum Kenny: Internet fame threatens more than your job

Breach of privacy is a growth sector for the world's lawyers, and it is not hard to see why, writes Colum Kenny

SHE had a bad day on the train, and spoke silly sentences to a conductor who reprimanded her for swearing loudly to a friend. That might have been the end of it -- except that another passenger had recorded the exchange on a mobile phone. And then posted the video on YouTube last week.

The woman was recognised, and was shamed publicly for angrily proclaiming how well-educated she is. "Do you know what schools I have been to?" she asked the train employee haughtily.

Elsewhere, a young man and woman were caught up in a riot that followed a hockey game in Canada. Nobody might have known, except that she was knocked to the ground in a police charge. As he leant over to comfort her, their photo was taken and flashed around the world. They were recognised and named on the internet.

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