Wednesday 13 December 2017

Colum Kenny: He who hesitates is lost – and so is the life of the poor victim

We tend to shy away when faced with potentially dangerous dilemmas, but at what cos?

Colum Kenny

Colum Kenny

Would you risk your life to save someone? A New York photographer was at the centre of a moral storm last week when he took pictures of a man about to die but did not intervene to save him. Neither did ordinary members of the public.

The man on the subway track, Korean Ki-Suck Han (58), did not get there by chance. He had been shoved. A freelance photographer happened to be on the platform and quickly snapped photos of the impending disaster. The tabloid New York Post has been heavily criticised for publishing the photos two days running. They are now all over the internet.

The photographer, Umar Abbasi, claims that he was hoping to alert the train driver by flashing his camera. He says that he was not close enough to help. In the 22 seconds that it reportedly took for the incident to unfold, nobody else helped either as Han desperately tried to climb out of the way of the train.

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