Saturday 17 March 2018

Colum Kenny: Beware of panicked asset-stripping and expensive outsiders

Outsourcing and privatisation are not substitutes for real public sector reform, says Colum Kenny

Irish health services spent more than €92m on agency staff last year. "How can this make sense when it stands to reason agency staff are more expensive?" asked Mayo Fine Gael Deputy John O'Mahony last week. He has highlighted inefficiency.

Throughout the public service, savings could be made by cutting outsourcing and introducing other reforms. But this would require a shift in government thinking.

Right now, with people distracted by so much economic bad news, there is an acute danger of hit-and-run raids on public services. The party that brought you botched decentralisation, at great cost to taxpayers and great gain to some property speculators, is still in power.

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