Saturday 18 November 2017

Colum Kenny: Our children deserve better than this fare served up by teachers

Teachers did neither themselves nor their country any favours at their annual conferences, writes Colum Kenny

Colum Kenny

Colum Kenny

IT WAS not a pretty sight. On one side, Minister Mary Coughlan blustering that she does not like what her own Government has done but telling teachers to live with it. On the other, rows of teachers heckling and hissing and generally behaving like naughty children. This is not what the young need now.

Teachers think that they get a bad press. They do. And if their Easter jamborees are the best that they can come up with, then it is not surprising. These resemble annual Christmas pantomimes in which various ministers for education play the villain.

At a time when Irish people are stunned by what has happened to this State, and fearful for the future of their children, educators at every level should be setting good example as well as providing pointers for the future. Instead, last week, teachers did neither themselves not their country any favours at their annual conferences.

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