Sunday 17 December 2017

I have supported Rebel players but enough is enough

Kieran Mulvey, who must wonder how he got himself tied up in this mess, suggested last week that the Cork dispute should be about principles and not personalities.

To my mind nearly all disputes in Cork are personality driven. This was quickly let out of the bag when Seán óg ó hAlpín sent a scud missile in the direction of Frank Murphy in that very honest interview in the Irish Times. Bad timing perhaps, but he was brave enough to speak what everybody knew was the truth.

The full-time secretary, despite his low profile at the moment, is the man the players feel has his hand marks all over this change in the manner of choosing the management team at county level. Respected as an administrator he is quite unpopular with players who have always felt he operated from a different agenda to them. Those same players won't back down when they sense his guiding hand in the background.

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