Thursday 18 October 2018

The Brexiteers are deluded and utterly devoid of a plan - but that doesn't mean we have to be

Colette Browne

Colette Browne

Think how much happier we could all be if we were half as confident as Brexiteers, whose preening self-regard continues to reach dizzying levels despite the fact that they have yet to define what Brexit means.

British Prime Minister Theresa May spent the past three months loudly reiterating "Brexit means Brexit" whenever anyone had the temerity to ask about anything resembling a plan to leave the EU.

We thought we were going to be put out of our misery in early September, when Minister for Brexit David Davis addressed the House of Commons for the first time. His speech had been billed as an important statement of intent for the British government. In the event, it was more empty blather.

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