Saturday 18 November 2017

Don't let the facts get in the way of a rant, Mr Rabbitte

Pat Rabbitte says RTE is biased against Irish Water
Pat Rabbitte says RTE is biased against Irish Water
Colette Browne

Colette Browne

Some of you half-wits thought the reason for Irish Water's unpopularity was the cack-handed manner in which it was set up and the various scandals that have plagued it since its inception but you are wrong.

According to former Minister for Communications Pat Rabbitte, the real villain when it comes to Irish Water is a subversive media group, intent on undermining Irish Water at every turn - RTé.

Launching a tirade against the broadcaster in the Dáil last week, Mr Rabbitte let loose a series of explosive charges. RTé was acting as a "recruitment sergeant" for the far-left and Sinn Féin, its board had decided to "strangle Irish Water at birth" while it was failing in its statutory duty to "educate" its audience about the merits of the company.

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