Saturday 25 November 2017

Young, vulnerable women 
being groomed for jihad

Jihadists of the Islamic State are using social media to attract female brides and fighters, writes Carol Hunt

Demonstrators support Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant in Mosul (AP)
Demonstrators support Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant in Mosul (AP)
Carol Hunt

Carol Hunt

The social media messages the women post sound so appealing. They tell us about their trips to the Mediterranean for beach days, the wonderful spiritual and emotional fulfilment they experience, how everything they and their children need for a comfortable life is generously provided for them by the 'Dawla' (state), and they describe the affectionate domestic bliss they enjoy with their brave, loving, heroic husbands. These are the prizes being offered to young (mainly, but not solely) Muslim women who choose to leave the 
capitalist West and join the new Islamic State (formerly ISIS or ISIL).

On Twitter, a young British woman going under the handle @Umm_Ammar- 
described herself as a "British Muhajirah living under the Khilifah". Last Friday, she tweeted: "I've never experienced true happiness and contentment until I stepped in Shaam [Greater Syria]". The day before she had written: "Know that Jihad for the sake of Allah will never bring death earlier nor delay it. What is meant for you will never miss you."

Last week, we saw the infamous tweet from 22-year-old Khadijah Dare (married to a Swedish jihadist) asserting her wish to become the first British woman to kill a UK or US citizen, in the wake of the video showing the horrific execution of James Foley by a terrorist with a British accent. Dare (who tweets under the handle Muhajirah fi Sham (immigrant in Syria) appeared in a Channel 4 video on IS where she told her interviewers that she studied media, film and psychology at college. Her avatar shows her two-year-old son swinging an AK-47.

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