Wednesday 17 January 2018

Quotas discriminating against men? It seems the backlash has begun

The Battle of Clontarf shows men still aren't prepared to give up their privileged status, writes Carol Hunt

Richard Bruton
Richard Bruton
Carol Hunt

Carol Hunt

Straight, white males are the "new" oppressed minority. It's true. Just look around you. Even though they seem to be everywhere: controlling our parliament (both houses); in total charge of the church; filling the majority of top posts in just about every sector in society (bar the low-paid ones that they don't want); running the banks; earning more cash then their female counterparts at every turn. But still, our poor men are suffering increasing oppression - if you don't believe me, just look at the recent Battle of Clontarf.

In a moment of feminist weakness - or perhaps because he knew he would be safely off in Brussels from where he could watch the fireworks with glee - Phil Hogan became the unlikely minister responsible for what will surely mean the End of Politics As We Know It.

No longer will the best man win. No more will that fabled quality "merit" be responsible for electing the "most-qualified" candidate to our parliament, regardless of gender (as they have undoubtedly been in the past. Stop laughing). Because of Hogan's fit of mischievousness, we are now doomed to suffer under the yoke of a country burdened with "token", "sweeper" female candidates. Mediocrity, thy name is woman!

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