Wednesday 17 January 2018

Pre-nups for farmers ... it's all a bit Irish

It's a tough "gold-digger" who would marry a farmer for the chance of a divorce and a bit of land, writes Carol Hunt

Well, Holy GOD: Biddy married for love, not Miley’s land
Well, Holy GOD: Biddy married for love, not Miley’s land
Carol Hunt

Carol Hunt

It's every young girls dream, isn't it? Work hard at school, go to college, keep yourself fit and well groomed and with a bit of luck, eyelash fluttering and a steely determination, you might just end up living a life where you're knee deep in pig sh*t every day.

Oh, yes. Forget your average millionaire rock star, Russian oligarch or Wall Street trader, what every bleached-blonde gold-digger out there wants is to nab themselves a nice Irish farmer-boy. She can then spend years living the high life, mucking out the pigs and cattle, having his children, putting up with his mammy and then, when the time is right, she'll divorce him so she can get her greedy mitts on some of his land. The strumpet could even marry again and the poor farmer could see another man tilling his soil. Sure, the Land League was formed for less.

Thankfully, most Irish farmers are aware that they need to defend themselves against these manipulative sirens and have taken a demand for pre-nuptial contracts to be recognised in law to Justice Minister Frances Fitzgerald. Seemingly some of them are reluctant to transfer land to their children in case their marriages break up. Just because marriages don't always last forever, doesn't mean the family farm can't is their argument.

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