Wednesday 21 February 2018

O'Donnell sideshow distracts from real rise in repossessions and homelessness

Brian O'Donnell and his son Blake
Brian O'Donnell and his son Blake
Carol Hunt

Carol Hunt

My ears are still bleeding. I listened to yesterday's Pat Kenny interview with ex-solicitor and property magnate Brian O'Donnell about how bloody unfair it was that the Bank of Ireland took his children's mansion away from them. It was a very, very long interview, because Mr O'Donnell is feeling very, very sorry for himself.

I'm still trying to get the echo of his pained, patrician whine out of my head. Mr O'Donnell was accompanied to the studio by his faithful henchman, Jerry Beades of the 'New' Land League, for whom, it must be presumed, there is no such thing as bad publicity. We have spent months on this distraction. Yet neither Brian O'Donnell, his wife or children are facing imminent poverty or homelessness.

They won't have a problem paying the weekly shop in Aldi any time soon. Meanwhile, all over Ireland, families who don't have the funds to go to the courts 82 times or take their disgruntled egos to the European Court of Human Rights, have had to listen to this pampered, privileged family spout on for months about the cheek of our justice system treating them like little people.

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