Monday 20 November 2017

Labour battled with its conscience - we all lost

Anne Ferris
Anne Ferris
Carol Hunt

Carol Hunt

Fifty shades of excuses. That's what we got yesterday from those Labour TDs who preferred to go through the humiliation of being publicly whipped rather than follow their consciences and go against the dictates of "The Party". With Augustinian procrastination, they assured us that they really wanted to be good but ... just not yet.

Only Anne Ferris TD had the guts to stand up and say to her party: Why can't we be honest? Why can't we pass legislation that we believe to be morally right and good for our citizens? So much for the sisterhood. The rest of them hid behind the law, muttering nonsensical excuses that a child of four could see through.

Sheep. Chickens. Slaves to the whip. Or perhaps "nodding donkeys", which is how Clare Daly described those deputies who vote as directed, without knowing all the facts.

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