Sunday 22 July 2018

Dystopia of violent politics is a daily reality for some

The real power lies in the hands of those who weren't afraid to keep the gun in Irish politics, writes Carol Hunt

GUN LAW: What if armed paramilitary thugs ran the country?
GUN LAW: What if armed paramilitary thugs ran the country?
Carol Hunt

Carol Hunt

What if? What if Irish politics never transitioned from the gun to solely the democratic use of the ballot box? What would our society be like if some of the people who founded our State, in blood, sacrifice and violence, held onto their weapons? Alternative histories are all the rage at the moment, so "what if" the Citizen Army who fought in the Rising of 1916, for instance, just hadn't gone away.

Picture this...

It's coming up to a general election and the country's political parties are coming out, all guns blazing. Some literally. Down in the bowels of North Dublin's Liberty Hall four high-ranking members of the Provisional Citizen Army (PCA) talk strategy about Labour Nua, the political wing of their military organisation.This is where the power of Labour Nua lies. For how on earth is a "political party" supposed to raise cash, fight the good fight, keep dissenters in line and punish the opposition, if they don't have a covert military wing calling the shots (see what I did there)? On the floor of the Irish parliament?

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