Sunday 18 March 2018

An administrative input error or just a good call?

Carol Hunt thinks US security got it right by refusing Gerry Adams entry to the St Patrick's Day party

UPSET: Gerry took to Twitter to show his upset at the snub
UPSET: Gerry took to Twitter to show his upset at the snub
Carol Hunt

Carol Hunt

Last week I discovered that Gerry Adams had blocked me from following him on Twitter.

Obviously I'm devastated. No more will I be able to read about Gerry's love for his teddy bear, his rubber ducks, or quotes like the one he posted from Maya Angelou: "Does my sexiness upset you? Does it come as a surprise. That I dance like I've got diamonds. At the meeting of my thighs", as well as other inappropriate - and quite frankly creepy - comments.

But I saw online that Gerry reacted on Twitter to the fact that he was denied access to the White House St Patrick's Day party last Tuesday by posting a picture of his invite and writing petulantly: "My invite 2 The White House. Just saying." Poor Gerry. Seemingly he was only mortified as he had to wait 90 minutes outside the party while everyone else passed him by and probably whispered: "They're not letting Gerry Adams in. Wonder what he's done this time?" Even Martin McGuinness got in - and sure everyone knows he was an actual member of the IRA unlike Gerry who was just ... well, whatever.

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