Wednesday 17 January 2018

Pay for water? Don't be daft

Paying for water: That'll never catch on.
Paying for water: That'll never catch on.

Health experts are divided over 
whether the new water charges will improve or damage the health of the nation. A major row has now broken out among top public health boffins over the potential health benefits of people getting more careful with water.

Some argue that the surge in gym membership that water charges is sure to bring, can't but help with our obesity crisis. With gyms already being inundated with new members eager to use the free water, one expert says, "When people head up to the gym in the morning for their shower, who knows? They might decide to do a bit of exercise while they're there."

However. other boffins are warning about the danger of what's called underflushing. Underflushing is a phenomenon whereby people will try to get more than one use out of their toilet between flushes. Standard public health wisdom is that as long as underflushing is confined to maybe two or three uses between flushes, and as long as it is confined to number ones, then there shouldn't be an issue.

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