Wednesday 22 November 2017

Now I can see the benefits of my glasses

'Even Santa looks stern when he is looking over a half-pair of glasses'
'Even Santa looks stern when he is looking over a half-pair of glasses'
Brendan O'Connor

Brendan O'Connor

The glasses are becoming an issue. They are welded to my face these days. I have actually become convinced that what they assured me wouldn't happen has happened. Using the glasses as a crutch has made the eyes get lazier. And now they just refuse to read anything on their own. And things the eyes and me might have made an effort with before, we don't bother now, we just get the glasses out. I have become dependent. They have got their claws into me. If the end of the world happens now, even if I survive, I'll be useless. Because I won't have my glasses. And there won't be any Dealz or Tiger shops to buy glasses in.

I was treating the glasses as a bit of a lark originally. They were a novelty. I looked like a Morrissey-style figure, or a David Hockney type. And I only needed them for specific things. I told myself that I wasn't changing. Nothing was deteriorating. I just slightly needed glasses now and again for very small writing. And it would stay at that level.

But as I say, since I started using them, my eyesight seems to be deteriorating further. And I am blaming the glasses, and thinking I should never have given in to the bloody things. I should have kept working the eyes. God knows what's ahead of me now. I'm already becoming one of those guys who feels around for his glasses now and then. And I panic a bit if I don't have any. Of course I keep them in all the regular places. Some next to the bed, some on my desk at work, some next to my chair in the living room (Yes. I have a specific chair. Dad's chair. I know. That's more ageing than the bloody glasses). I even have a glasses drawer, with a big bag of cheap glasses in it.

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