Thursday 18 January 2018

Mr Nice Guy checks in at Ryanair

Brendan O'Connor

Brendan O'Connor

So Ryanair is going to be nice to us. But remember, this is Ryanair; so realistically they will call it nice but it will in fact be somewhere close to nice, or closer to nice than they used to be.

The end of an era then. Ryanair is surely the only large company in the modern era to buck all conventional wisdom about customer service, thriving on giving its loyal consumers the two fingers at every available opportunity and openly trying to catch us out for more money at every hand's turn.

This is, of course, how all corporations operate but most of them tend to be more subtle about it. Ryanair was the only one that was honest about it. That refreshing honesty is gone now, and will doubtless be replaced by that kind of tightly-wound, frozen-faced, clenched-teeth "friendliness" you get on other big airlines; from men and women who often seem to be barely restraining themselves from sticking a stiletto in your forehead.

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