Saturday 24 February 2018

Kenny's 'we are the good guys' fantasy self-image crumbling in face of reality

This government has gone from being a crisis government to a government in crisis, writes Brendan O'Connor

Enda Kenny TD at the opening of Cork City Local Enterprise Office
Enda Kenny TD at the opening of Cork City Local Enterprise Office
Brendan O'Connor

Brendan O'Connor

ACCORDING to today's Sunday Independent/Millward Brown poll, only half of people (51 per cent) think the Government will last its full term. Three years ago, it probably would have been unthinkable that the Government wouldn't last its full term. At that point, the only previous competition for forming a Government was dead in the water. The main party of the new Government had almost won an overall majority and by, unnecessarily some would have said, adding Labour to the Coalition, it enjoyed an unassailable majority.

In addition, the very fact that they were sober and walked to work and had relatively clean hands due to not being in power for a while made them almost like some kind of fantasy government, after the slightly boozy drift of the previous government.

The new administration couldn't go wrong. Their only real opposition, and with it the last two governments, was completely demonised and blamed for everything that was wrong with the country. And the new guys took over when Ireland was at its lowest ebb in quite some time. We didn't even have our sovereignty anymore.

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