Monday 23 October 2017

If it's all about the image, then this isn't a good one for Obama

We expect more of our world leaders than taking infantile selfies at Mandela's memorial, says Brendan O'Connor

Even world leaders are fans of the ‘selfie’.
Even world leaders are fans of the ‘selfie’.
George Bush embraces Bono

IT WAS a defining moment in the infantilisation of the world, outshining even a man talking gibberish in sign on a worldwide event and no one appearing to notice until afterwards. It is set to become a defining moment of Generation X, the Generation who never grew up.

It could even lead you to think that the Baby Boomers, as bad as they were, were the last generation of grown-ups. They may not have fought a world war but at least the baby boomers had some notion of decorum, or respect, a sense of occasion, and a sense of the formality that people expect from world leaders in order to feel safe.

Even Bill Clinton managed to have the common touch and an Elvis-like feel without generally compromising the sense of occasion or of the gravitas of the office -- with a few notable exceptions.

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