Wednesday 21 February 2018

Goodbye 2015 - and a farewell to arms

Traumatic: Brendan O'Connor's arm injury.
Traumatic: Brendan O'Connor's arm injury.
Brendan O'Connor

Brendan O'Connor

They said I should give you an update on The Arm - One Year On. What do you mean you've forgotten about The Arm? The Arm was only one of the most traumatic things to happen me, like, EVER. And surely you couldn't have failed to notice the mileage I got out of it. Everything is indeed copy, and the arm filled a fair few weeks in this slot. It had to, because when the arm was happening, there wasn't much else happening in my life.

I had reason to reflect on The Arm recently after my wife reminded me that it was the anniversary of The Arm, or at least the incident that did for The Arm.

And what a year it was. I started out the year feeling deeply sorry for myself and the broken arm (Allow me to say again. There is nothing funny about a broken humerus). It hung limply off me, powerless, useless and pathetic. But little did I know then what the year was to bring some of the people around me. I know a lot of people who would happily take The Arm as their major problem in life.

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