Tuesday 23 January 2018

Brendan O'Connor: Bernadette Forde was denied possibly the most important role any of us will play in our lives and it was just wrong

Bernadette Forde's death was no way to say goodbye

Bernadette Forde
Bernadette Forde
Brendan O'Connor

Brendan O'Connor

We tend to judge things by their endings. You can have a bad day, but if it ends well, you go to sleep happy. In fact it's scientifically proven, in studies about pain, that people's memories of things and the taste an experience leaves in your mouth are far more heavily influenced by the endings.

For example, you can have a wonderful life but if you have a bad death, well, it pretty much spoils everything, doesn't it? And everybody is left with bad memories, and those bad memories of your death can overshadow everything else that happened in your life. Without getting too metaphysical, whether we go somewhere or not after our death, you can only imagine how it feels if your last moments of consciousness on this earth are upsetting and troubled, lonely or regretful. It's not how any of us wants to go.

Humanity has long recognised the importance of a good death, and that is why we have always worked so hard to build comforting rituals around death. A good death is important to everyone involved; those left behind, and not least, the person dying.

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