Saturday 24 March 2018

Uncovering different types of inequality in jobless figures

Ireland comes out badly in the data compiled by the UN
Ireland comes out badly in the data compiled by the UN

Monsieur Thomas Piketty made quite a media splash last week. The new superstar of economics – or, as he would prefer, social science – did a number of interviews during his trip to Dublin for the Tasc conference, including one with this correspondent.

No doubt the personable Frenchman is enjoying his overnight success, after 15 years of beavering away at mountains of historical data. No doubt, too, he will learn that one cannot say yes to every request, but he has a message to deliver. The intriguing question is why there is so much interest in his message.

Some of it reflects the remarkable piece of work that is his book, 'Capital in the 21st Century'. But he also touched a chord that almost everyone recognises (certainly everyone in the media) – fascination with the rich.

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