Sunday 25 February 2018

Gunther says: we must stick together – 'til debt do us part

The clumsy Cyprus debacle shows just how flawed European monetary union is

WE HAVE WAYS OF MAKING YOU PAY: ‘Gunther’ lectures us
WE HAVE WAYS OF MAKING YOU PAY: ‘Gunther’ lectures us

THERE are few things more pleasant than listening to what you want to hear; unless, perhaps, it is listening to them delivered in a German accent.

Normally these days, such an accent is associated with things we would rather not hear. As if that were not enough, many of us are familiar with impressionist Barry Murphy's 'Gunther', who lectures us on our shortcomings, often with uncomfortable accuracy, and in an impeccable accent.

Last week that rare pleasure of hearing what you want was vouchsafed to assorted economists and policy wonks who attended a talk at the Institute of International and European Affairs in Dublin by Prof Peter Bofinger, head of the economics department of the University of Wurzburg.

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