Thursday 22 February 2018

Brendan Keenan: Welcome to the hotel of the past conditional

Partisan politics does not bode well for our economy: we've got to start pulling together

A CERTAIN Midlands town used to have two hotels in the main street -- of which, the locals would say: "Whichever of those two hotels you stay in, you'll wish you'd stayed in the other one."

I thought of that, watching the Government TDs being excoriated from all sides for getting all in a tizzy over stag hunting and puppy farming -- even as Anglo Irish Bank reported that its previous managers had destroyed €18bn of what is now our money, and the numbers signing on went over 450,000.

It was not so much the complaints (what else could one expect?). It was the universal assumption that the TDs could have done something about the Anglo losses, and unemployment. Metaphorically speaking, they could have stayed in the other hotel.

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