Thursday 22 February 2018

Brendan Keenan: Shadows of Gandhi and Iron Lady hang over property tax

Middle and lower income earners will be worst hit by failure to bring in a valid charge

PERHAPS it was unwise of TD Richard Boyd Barrett of People Before Profit to don the mantles of Gandhi and Martin Luther King in his campaign against the household charge.

It certainly gave Enda Kenny an opening he could hardly miss. Luckily for Mr Boyd Barrett, the Taoiseach could not say -- in the style of US Senator Lloyd Bentson to Senator Dan Quayle about JFK: "I knew Gandhi. Gandhi was a friend of mine. Deputy, you're no Gandhi."

One had the impression that Mr Kenny knew the quotation, and was trying to do something similar. But one could also see what Mr Boyd Barrett was about. Many people who deliberately broke the law have ended up as heroes.

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