Friday 25 May 2018

Brendan Keenan: How we cracked that Humpty Dumpty syndrome

The policy of putting things back together again after the crash may work for the banks but spending on our infrastructure will suffer

Brendan Keenan

Brendan Keenan

WE could call it the Humpty Dumpty syndrome: the idea that, after the Great Fall, there must be a way of putting things together again, just like they were before.

It proved an expensive idea in the case of the banks. One can imagine the horrified disbelief at the notion that the entire Irish banking system might have failed. There must, surely, be a way to prevent that happening?

Such things do not happen in real life, would have been the feeling. If we try to reconstruct the world of 2007, it will all come out alright in the end.

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