Monday 19 February 2018

Brendan Keenan: Forget the long term, time for fundamental change is now

WE could at least start with the post codes. Well, you have to start somewhere. Trying to find an address in the NAMA'd expanses of west Dublin that the satnav could recognise, reminded me that the lack of post codes is a peculiarly Irish phenomenon.

I remembered why we do not have them, too. An attempt by a previous government drew forth the wrath of diverse groups from those worried about the loss of traditional names to conspiracy theorists who saw a threat to civil liberties; all aided and abetted by journalists with nothing better to do.

It is perhaps a minor inconvenience -- although it also interferes with online payments and may throw other bits of grit in the machine -- but it is a symptom though, of something deeper -- an instinctive distrust of change.

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