Opinion Brendan Keenan

Tuesday 20 February 2018

Brendan Keenan: Euro bailout must be big and bold

AS Seamus Mallon pointed out in his famous comment about the Northern Peace Process -- "It's Sunningdale for slow learners"; in the world of politics and diplomacy, it is often easy enough to know what ought to be done. Doing it, though, can be the very devil.

In Northern Ireland, it took 30 years, even though what was finally agreed was pretty much the same as what had been originally agreed. Europe, and particularly the eurozone, may not have 30 months, never mind years, but the challenge is much the same.

Everyone seems pretty much agreed on what has to be done. If the euro does survive, we will probably find out that things have been done largely as envisaged. The political challenges are so immense, however, that there is no guarantee that governments will be able to do what they know must be done.

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