Saturday 18 November 2017

Brendan Keenan: Blaming Europe is not going to help us solve our problems

Brendan Keenan

Brendan Keenan

I am not usually stuck for words, I think I can safely say, but I was caught out by a German TV reporter just before the bailout, when she asked why there was so much hostility towards Germany?

At that stage, I wasn't aware that there was, particularly. But she, being German, had got it in the neck doing her interviews around town. Now, of course, I know that she was right.

Our old ally, the French, seem to attract less hostility. Yet, according to reports, it was president Nicolas Sarkozy who gave Enda Kenny the most grief during the last EU summit (I prefer council meeting, since it is quite clear these occasions are an integral part of our political process, not just special gatherings of heads of government).

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