Friday 23 March 2018

Who could begrudge daring bid for freedom by this adventurous Thelma and Louise?

TODAY we bring you the true and shocking story of a mass prison break-out. The last escapee was shot down at a dramatic stakeout on Friday last, in front of women and children, just outside Belfast, at the foot of Cave Hill, where the United Irishmen hid out in the days when they were on the run from the British.

There is some controversy up north as to the proper title for the escapees. Some favour the Cave Hill Six and more are for the Ben Madigan Six. Ben Madigan isn't some brave republican hero who fought against the odds for Irish freedom. Ben Madigan is actually another name for Cave Hill. You have to be very careful up north when it comes to such matters. Such was the scale of atrocities and injustices, I'm pretty sure the iconic Cave Hill is gone already, so for the purposes of this thrilling tale, we name the escapees as The Ben Madigan Six.

All six were of Indian extraction. Their ancestors hailed from the famed Anaimalai Hills in the Western Ghats of the Kerala and Tamil Nadu region of Southern India. All six were frisky, noisy and feisty. The Ben Madigan six escaped from their detention centre on the Antrim Road on October 22 last. It is said nearby fireworks were the catalyst.

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