Thursday 14 December 2017

Unemployable at 55, he has 30 years to drive his wife nuts

HE was a proud man who worked all his life. A couple of years ago, he was on €600 a week, but then he was let go. Now he is down to a third of that. The redundancy was all right enough, but not enough to last forever. Most of the money was spent on doing up the house. Herself wanted a new kitchen. Then there was this "see-through room at the side of the house", as he calls it. Known to you and I as a conservatory.

He felt she deserved the house improvements. After all, his wife looked after the kids while he was on shift. Shushed them as he lay sleeping in the middle of the day. Did the lessons with them and sent them off to school every morning with a lovely lunch.

"Something will come up," she said when he fretted away about his future. "God is good," she said. But his pension investors were not. They blew his money. The pension fund is no more than a piggy bank with a few coins rattling.

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