Friday 19 January 2018

The plight of lonely women has been ignored for far too long

Picture posed. Thinkstock Images
Picture posed. Thinkstock Images

MEN and women think in different ways when it comes to problem solving. This is a broad generalisation. There isn't time to go through the phonebook and pick and interview the million of you. So if you are a woman who thinks like a man or vice versa well then that's you but I haven't the space here to go through every individual story.

I'm not sure where this next bit is coming from as today we are writing within the range of our headlights without any great idea of the map of the journey. This story of thwarted adolescent longing has nothing much to do with the difference between the thinking apps of men and women and more to do with the many and varied applications to which phone books can be applied.

It was back in the time when the church ruled Ireland and I was on the bus travelling to see the sights of the west Kerry Gaeltacht. There is no part of the world more beautiful but if the bus driver called out 'next stop The Taj Mahal', I would have stayed put. There was this pretty girl on the summer Irish learning course and she was sitting on my lap. I can still remember her name and the scent of the apple shampoo from her long ringlets comes to mind every time I drink a pint of cider.

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