Saturday 16 December 2017

Talking turkey: giblets, pandy stuffing and a syringe full of butter

Roast Turkey Dinner
Roast Turkey Dinner
Billy Keane

Billy Keane

DID you ever stuff a wellington with mash and breadcrumbs made from some herb like rosemary or thyme? Well, that's how the turkey tasted when we, sorry I, left the giblets -- heart, neck, liver, gizzard and private parts -- in the plastic bag the turkey farmers place in the cavity where the guts used to be.

It's like hiding dynamite in an oven. Why do the turkey pluckers put the cast-off bits in such a hidden-away place? I can never figure it out. Tip 1: shove your hand in and search before you cook your bird.

That reminds me, the word bird, that is. There was this lad in the bar the other night and the mother had to pull him up for dirty talk.

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