Tuesday 20 February 2018

How I lost my mind - and a month - to the drugs and drink

Many Irish patients take their medication incorrectly
Many Irish patients take their medication incorrectly

I went missing for a while, from the column that is. For a month. I was getting a bit worn out from trying to think up smart stuff, and so I took a little break. The fact is, I was also doped up off my head from drugs, but I had an excuse.

The back was bad and I was on painkillers, muscle relaxants and ant-inflammatory pills, three times a day. Then, one night, I chanced two pints. Those painkillers steal away your thought processes and so it was I went a bit gaga in our pub.

We were doing our summer theatre and, from nowhere, I lost the run of myself. The local council put a beautiful commemoration shield up outside on the wall of the pub. It was on the lines of "John B Keane lived here and he was a very good writer". This is the second shield that has been stuck over the door, and very tasty it is too. The father hasn't done too badly, in fairness to him. There's the John B Keane Road, John B Keane Grove, two statues and a terrier.

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