Tuesday 23 January 2018

Denying gay people right to marry is the scandal of our times

Billy Keane

Billy Keane

THIS constant controversy over gay marriage is really stressing out gay people who just want to get on with their lives and to be accepted for what they are in a nice quiet way. Sometimes we look for the big dramatic story when the real heroism comes in unnoticed little increments of domestic and work-place glories. The right to marriage and to have children will be won by ordinary everyday gay heroes, who are different, but the same.

In years to come the objections to gay marriage might well be seen as bizarre. There is a slavery of the body and there is a slavery of the mind. The enslavement of our thinking occurs where we are branded ideologically by the times we are brought up in and our exposure to a rigid, formal concept of family. Funny isn't when you look back at those cracked ideas like the world is flat but when scientists tried to prove we live on a revolving ball, they were jailed as heretics.

Gay sex was a crime just a few decades back. The poor men who partook were put in jail. So it will come to pass that the objections to same-sex marriage will be looked back on with a similar perplexed amusement. And all the while Irish men and women are denied the basic human right of marriage. The fact that the gay Irish are denied the right to marry is a scandal of our times and we as a generation will be judged by our response to our countrymen and countrywomen's desire to be treated as equals.

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