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Tuesday 21 November 2017

Billy Keane: No need to worry about Sexton burnout

With our star man fresh and fit for battle, let's hope we can catch Aussies cold and give boost to Irish Bondi brigade

Ireland's Jonathan Sexton
Ireland's Jonathan Sexton

November isn't as bad as it's made out. It's worse. Ah, but I hate the short evenings, the livid people suffering from light depravation, the incremental cold and the insufferable suffocation from the rain forest humidity of central heating. Straight away I can tell you how to save money. Turn off the central heating. A blanket does the same job. People are gone too soft.

November is the month for misery. Lads are still going off the drink in November for The Holy Souls, though. some of you may not be familiar with the concept of suffering for your faith. In times long past, holy men shivered with the cold in beehive huts out on bald rocks, praying, meditating and trying hard not to think of women and turf fires and women lying down on sheepskin rugs by turf fires, while fat Popes gorged on big feasts and cast aside vows of chastity at the merest swish of a passing skirt.


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