Wednesday 17 January 2018

Apologies, but screw you Donald Trump

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump (AP)
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump (AP)

John Masterson

I have been reading a lot about Donald Trump recently. This time last year, like many people, I saw him as a somewhat comical figure who would liven up the primaries as America settled down to pick a new president. We all got that one wrong. I would have liked Obama there for another while but the American people know that it is important to tell politicians when to move on. It is not something they are good at recognising themselves. So Barack is not an option. The way things are going I suppose Michelle will run in 2020.

There is one undoubted positive about Trump. He is a great TV star. He is one of its great performers. When he did The Apprentice he was a ratings magnet. He appears to have impressed all who worked with him for the way he 'got' all aspects of the television process.

His famed business acumen, insofar as we know the details, is more complex. He seems to have made and lost fortunes, to have had great successes and great failures. That he has had failures doesn't bother me. The only people who don't fail are people who sit on their rear ends. Clearly he has never been afraid of hard work. He has the energy and he puts in the hours. Through everything you find out about the man - and I recommend a look through Trump Revealed by Michael Kranish and Marc Fisher of the Washington Post - two things recur, and both make him unsuitable for the top job in politics.

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