Thursday 22 February 2018

Anti-social, and probably on the social

Saddam Hussein. Photo: AP
Saddam Hussein. Photo: AP

John Masterson

On KCLR LIVE, I suspect we could fill the radio most mornings with people complaining about anti-social behaviour. Carlow and Kilkenny are no different from housing estates up and down the country. There is a disturbingly large number of people who do not have the slightest idea what being a responsible citizen means and could not care less. Some are teenagers who have no respect. Some are adults who you and I are paying to house.

Rather than appreciate the leg up, they make life hell for everyone in the vicinity. Among the law-abiding citizens there is a growing belief that they just have to put up with this because nobody will do anything about it.

When you change from a dictatorship to a new order things seem to come asunder. Tito and Saddam were not nice guys, but you could say they kept a lid on things. Our version of dictatorship was the power of the Church. Nothing has replaced the fear it engendered. Send the parish priest to deal with any of these gurriers and they will laugh in his face. The community Garda probably has a track worn to the house.

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